About Link-Oil

About our Company

In recent years, changes to the structure of the distribution of oil and lubricants in Europe poses a number of new challenges for distributors of lubricants. The key elements for maintaining the position already obtained as well as to maximize the benefits of the oil trade is quick access to information and cross-border cooperation.

In order to meet the needs of distribution companies, a group of experienced workers of  leading petrochemical companies have decided to create a tool to support trade in those specific products.

The Link-Oil platform has been created to facilitate the exchange of information between companies involved in the wholesale purchase and sale of lubricants from various manufacturers.

The platform allows you to sell, place bids, receive inquiries and quickly finds the market you are looking for.

The platform user is constantly informed of new offers of interest via the automatic notification system in use.
The Link-Oil platform is also used for advertising purposes, and through its focus on lubrication products, guarantees 100% success rate for suppliers and buyers in reach their target audiences.

Using the Platform enables the exchange of price and product information; however, the final decision is always taken by "the seller" by confirmation.

User registration is made on the basis of documents containing business data and scope of activity.
Currently, the Link-Oil database contains over 12290 products and 71 brands and this number is continually growing.

Product specification is obtained from official publicly accessible sources. Data has to be verified due to the constant change in product coding. The platform is not authorized to presented approvals and certificates that are used by manufacturers in information and promotional material.

The platform is not used for retail purchases and neither does it compare retail price. However, it verifies decisions to purchase, also those taken in the tendering process, by comparing the proposed prices with other offers.

We are continually striving to expand our offer and to join the ranks of the many companies interested in the sale and purchase of lubricants.

Link-Oil comprises a team of experienced staff who have the knowledge and skills gained in leading corporations producing and distributing lubricants.

We want the link-Oil platform to be the most current source of information about products available on the Polish market, which is why we ask users of the Platform for information about new products or their expectations with regard to the improvement of making this tool function effectively.

The experience and knowledge gained while working in leading positions in sales and participation in projects modelling the distribution of lubricants, both in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe, has resulted in the creation of a unique platform called Link-Oil.

The Link-Oil team’s role is to assist in the rapid exchange of information of oils and lubricants offered and required, finding suppliers and products used less frequently and to choose the best offer among the many thousands of items with similar parameters.

The platform is also dominated by balancing offers of global corporations, providing all necessary information, and  guaranteeing  a high level of quality from manufacturers on the European market.

Team Link-Oil invites you all to participate.